This Week in Marvel Unlimited: 03/18/2020

Marvel does it’s normal thing this week, with issues from March 18th. A new addition to the Gamerverse, a few number ones, and more Marvels.

New This Week (03/18/2020)
Aero #9
Amazing Mary Jane #6
Atlantis Attacks #3
Captain America #20
Captain Marvel #16
Deadpool #4
Excalibur #9
Fantastic Four #20
Ghost-Spider #8
Guardians of the Galaxy #3
Marvels X #3
Marvel’s Avengers: Captain America #1
Morbius #5
Outlawed #1
Runaways #31
Spider-Woman #1
Star Wars #4
Valkyrie: Jane Foster #9
X-Force #9

Notes: Outlawed is a one-shot setting up some changes in the MCU…Marvel’s Avengers: Captain America is part of their Gamersverse…Marvels X is an Earth X prequel story…Star Wars is set between Empire and Jedi…Fantastic Four sets up Empyre, the summer event series from Marvel…

Best of Last Week

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #1 – A bounty goes wrong in the past and some of the big hunters can’t let it go – Boba Fett, Valance, Bossk. It’s a solid set up issue, but not much really happens. I’ll keep going since it’s Star Wars, but it’s not high on my list right now.

Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren #4 – This series was disappointing. I wanted more out of the Knights of Ren and how Kylo Ren got his name. Instead we got a bland story that really didn’t add much to the sequel trilogy.

X-Men #8 – The New Mutant’s trip to space leads to the Brood coming to Krakoa; they’ve brought back a Brood egg that brings the aliens to Earth to retreive it. We get to see Oya and Broo for the first time on Krakoa. We also get the Summers brother teaming up. It was a fun issue.

Cable #1 – Book of the Week. We get a new feature of Krakoa – the Quarry; a training area where mutants fight each other. In the infographic shows some of the previous fights, verifying mutants like Artie, Leech, and Fish are on the island. We also get to see the monster side of the island as Cable helps to find a lost mutant; while helping, Nathan finds a Space Knight sword, setting up Swords of X. Lastly, we get to see old man Cable is still playing in the timestream.

New Mutants #9 – The kids investigate a missing mutant in Carnelia and get more than they bargained for. When the team is overwehlmed, they enlist some of the Mutant Liberation Front for help. I love it when some of these lesser known mutants pop up and get involved with storylines. Another fun book.

I missed a lot of books last week, but I’ll get caught up. No retro review this week either.

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