Breaking Down the “Sinister Secrets”

In Powers of X #4, we get Mr. Sinister introduced to the story; he’s being tasked with creating a mutant DNA library for Professor X.  In typical Hickman fashion, there was an infographic page that deals with Sinister and his Bar Sinister base – based off Wendy Williams rumor board.

Here’s an attempt to decipher what each rumor means.

1: He’s trying to pretend that no one noticed he was wearing red shoes, but this truly sinister Sinister isn’t fooling anyone.

I’m totally lost on this one, but there is speculation that Sinister from Moria’s 9th life was able to replicate her mutant ability when he was genetically modifying mutants.  What if Sinister’s life started over at Moria’s death and he went back to the moment of her birth?  He’d know what’s pretty much going on when Xavier and Magneto show up.

I like this theory and I also like the idea of Sinister as a Syler knock-off (remember Heroes?), taking mutant powers and applying them to himself.

2: And speaking of fashion, the whisper network has turned into a roar regarding the return of this trendsetting mutant who was cut down in his prime.  Will someone please tell all these mutants to stop wearing human clothes and join the stampede across their island full of flowers to the flower that’s the fullest?

I was in the dark on this one too, until the guys at <A href=””>Bleeding Cool<a> reminded me of Jumbo Carnation from the Grant Morrison run, a mutant fashion designer who died.  It makes you wonder what all mutants are on the island, since we’ve only seen a small population of existing mutants.

3: Years ago, a deceased redheaded pretender made a pact with the devil.  When she passed on, most believed that any secrets she had went with her to the grave.  Won’t everyone be surprised when they find out not only is this not true, but she left behind a whole lot more than secrets.

There is speculation that this deals with Madeline Prior (the Goblin Queen), the former wife of Scott Summers (Cyclops), and mother of Nathan Summers (Cable).  Prior was a clone of Jean Grey created by Sinister as a way to try to merge the Summers/Grey DNA; when Prior learned of this, she went crazy and got a power boost by dealing with a demon named N’astirh.  As the Goblin Queen, she was responsible for the Inferno crossover of the late ‘80s.  She’s been resurrected in the past in forgettable storylines.

4: While every Sinister has been busy wondering how they might be affected by current events, almost no one noticed what washed ashore.  A word of advice to all things sinister: Don’t embrace the revelry, or there won’t be anything for you to celebrate.

Unsure on this one.  With Jean already mentioned, there has been talk of her cocoon from after she was resurrected from the Dark Phoenix Saga.  <a href=””>Polygon</a> mentions that it could be something washing up at Bar Sinister or Krakoa that we haven’t seen yet.

5: He’s the best there is at what he does.  She’s married with a kid.  The husband knows exactly what’s going on, but who is he to point the finger?  He’s up to much the same, and more.  Maybe this is just the new normal on the mutant island.

This is reference to the 2 love triangles involving Cyclops – one with Jean and Wolverine and one with Jean and Emma Frost.  The first triangle has been everywhere from the comics to the movies, but Jean was always faithful to Cyclops.  The second came out of that Morrison run and definitely had more to it.

Since HOX started, it seems like Cyclops and Jean were back to the pre-Morrison relationship; like a lot in this series, it’s unclear where they stand compared somewhat recent continuity.

6: Everyone believed that the plan of this progerian mutant with secret sinister ties was foiled, but little did the gifted ones know that the destroyed samples were switched out beforehand.

The mutant Ernst once stole DNA samples from the X-Men to give to Sinister.  In Spider-Man and the X-Men 6, those samples were supposedly destroyed in a fire; it appears they might not have been destroyed after all.

7: Two brothers jumped out of a plane, and for the longest time, until he was discovered, many wondered if there was a third.  If we told you there were more, would you believe me? Probably not.

More Summers?  There was speculation for year there was more than just Scott and Alex (Havok).  Later came Adam X, who was created to be the third Summers brother; that was later scrapped and retconned.  Eventually Gabriel (Vulcan) was introduced, fought for the X-Men, then fought against the X-Men, and became the Emperor of the Shiar for a time.  He’s expected to be part of the X-Men book focusing on the Summers family.  This definitely implies there are more Summers.  Does this mean that Adam X could still be part of the family?  Could there be others?

8: For years, this fittest-of-all mutant has routinely surrounded himself with a particular-numbered entourage.  These hangers-on stick around for a while until they are eventually replaced with newer, more exciting members.  What most people don’t know is that if the original members returned, these pretenders would be dropped so fast their heads would spin.

This is obviously a reference to Apocalypse and his original 4 Horsemen.  This issue shows that his original horsemen fought the forces of Limbo when Krakoa was split from the mainland.  They were eventually lost and replaced multiple times.  Marvel 1000 teases their return.

9: They say the kids are all right, but all is not right in paradise.  This non-couple couple has been apart so long, friends are expecting that when they see each other again fireworks are going to ensue.  Is the universe ready?  Judging by how unprepared everyone was for what’s happened so far, we kind of doubt it.

This is tough.  Havok and Polaris?  Rogue and Gambit?  Storm and Forge?  Rictor and Shatterstar?  There have been some long established “romances” in X-Men history that fit the on/off category.  People are also latching onto “fireworks” and linking the reference to Jubilee; I don’t know who else could be tied to with her?  The recently revived Wolverine?

10: Which brainwashed mutant Sinister was replaced long before a certain bald somebody knew and has been in on the game for almost as long as the game was being played? Shhhhhhhh!

Bleeding Cool throw’s Namor into the ring for this one; part of his origin was retconned to include Xavier this week in the Invaders comics.  He’s also the “original” mutant of the Marvel Universe.  Apocalypse could also fit the “as long as the game was being played” line.

Polygon went a different route, stating that the Sinister that dealt with Xavier and Magneto was swapped out at some point with a different Sinister.

There were also 2 revealed secrets:

SINISTER SECRETS REVEALED! Certain people are wondering where the tyrant-dispelling Sinister got his mutant gene.  And while that really isn’t an interesting story, whom the DNA originally belonged to is.

[John Proudstar/Thunderbird]

The Sinister that deals with Xavier and Magneto has the ability of increased senses, strength, speed, stamina, and sturdiness.  I’m curious to see how that plays out for the X-Men in the future.

SINISTER SECRETS REVEALED! We don’t hear this word spoken often, so when we do, it’s best to pay attention, because when you square that circle, what took a long time to build can come crumbling down rather quickly.


Is there going to be an Inferno 2?  The events and/or players of the event have been mentioned twice here already.

There is a lot more to work out in this issue that I’m not going to touch on today… Xavier wearing an outfit like his sister Cassandra Nova…the Librarian preparing for Ascension…the scenes in Bar Sinister.

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