Beer Links: Green Flash, Lyft, Alpha Brewing, New Beers

Here’s some news about Green Flash distribution, Lyft working with a brewery, Alpha Brewing news from STL, and some new beers coming to STL.

Green Flash Distribution News
Green Flash Brewing has announced they are limiting distribution to markets near their breweries. They are also eliminating 15% of their workforce. This comes after the brewery decided they were struggling to compete with all of the smaller craft breweries coming up outside their home markets.

While this is disappointing, I realized I probably haven’t gotten one of their beers in over a year; we really haven’t gotten many new things from them in some time. Like they said, there are too many good local options for everyday drinking.

Lyft Teams with Baderbrau Beer
Lyft, the Uber competitor, has team with Baderbrau Beer in Chicago for their own beer. Each can of the beer will have a code for up to $5 off a ride. Smart marketing; I’m willing to guess that weekend nights are busy times for the ride sharing companies.

Right now, this is limited to Chicago, but I expect it’ll expand if this is successful. I also fully expect Uber to counter.

Alpha Brewing is Going New
Alpha Brewing is kind of a polarizing place in St. Louis; you either really like them or really hate them…and not just their beer. They’ve had issues in the past for really offense beer names and labels.

Maybe that’ll be changing with their new brewery and beers in 2018. The brewery is starting a sour program to go with the new location.

I’ve had 2 Alpha beers and I was never impressed, but I’m willing to give the sours a chance.

Saint Brewis Beer Releases
Only 2 new beers on the weekly Saint Brewis Article, but an Imperial Fallen Flag sounds amazing. If you haven’t been to Narrow Gauge, you need to checkout their amazing New England IPAs; they are the best in St. Louis.

They also give details on Schlafly’s Northeast IPA; Schlafly has killed it on their IPAs (except for the most recent TIPA, which hasn’t lived up to past recipes). I’m all about adding more NE IPAs in from our breweries.

Finally, I learned from Saint Brewis that their Beering Impaired Podcast is on definite hiatus; it’s a same because they have some solid episodes. Hopefully they’ll be back soon.

Are you a brewery? Do you have some beer news? E-mail us and we’ll include it in future beer links.

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