The Updated Star Wars Timeline

Over a year ago, I created my first Star Wars timeline of all the canon media – movies, books, TV, comics, etc. Since then, a ton of new content has come out. I’ve also found a few other timelines; I’ve taken everything I’ve found to merge them together.

In addition to using Episode I as the starting point, I also added the timeline according to Episode IV being the starting point.

There are still quite a few items that don’t have an exact placement. They are either vague in their descriptions or haven’t been released yet.

There are also some items that are in multiple formats; the title is how it’s listed on the timeline, then it shows the other formats.

Here are a few notes from some of the items.

Finally, I’ve broken out the comic book story arcs based off their place in the timeline.

I’ll try to post a new one quarterly with all the new content coming out.

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