2017 Cardinal Draft Tracker

Like I do each year, I’ve been watching the MLB draft to see who goes where and which players the St. Louis Cardinals take. Here is the draft tracker for all the Cardinal picks this year, along with overall draft information. It’s worth noting that the team didn’t have picks in the first 2 rounds; their first pick was forfeited for signing Dexter Fowler and their 2 second round picks were taken as penalties for the Houston Astros hack.

As the picks are made, I’ll keep updating this. As they sign the players, this will be updated.

Signed players will be bolded and their bonus will be listed, if reported.

The Cardinals have $2,176,000 to spend with their draft pool for this year. Below are the pool limits, what they’ve spent, and their overages. Each MLB team can go over 5% of their pool amount with only being penalized a 100% tax once they exceed their pool limit. Any overage by more than 5% will result in the tax and loss of future draft picks; never in the history of the pool amounts has a team exceed their pool by 5%.

Any pick after the 10th round has a maximum bonus of $125,000; anything over that will be included in the draft pool. Since Terry Fuller signed for $200,000, $75,000 will go against the pool. To balance that out, the team will sign some of their early picks for below slot (like Seeburger).

The Cardinals have 38 picks this year, down from many recent years.

Here is the breakdown by position.

Here is the breakdown by education level.

Here is the breakdown by state.

Finally, here is the undrafted free agents.

If you hear of a signing and have a source, please list them in the comments. I’ll verify it and get it added to the tracker

2 thoughts on “2017 Cardinal Draft Tracker

  • Oscar I. Menendez

    I appreciate the info you guys provide. Thank you! I’m glad Cards signed Fuller.

    • Eugene Tierney

      Thanks for checking it out. The Fuller signing is huge for a draft that didn’t get many high upside players. I was shocked to see it was for so little.

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