The Updated Star Wars Timeline

About a year ago, I created a timeline for Star Wars here; it included all the media available at the time. Unfortunately, it’s gotten buried and hadn’t been updated since then.

My goal is to keep this one updated and bumped up on the site. I’ll be listing the order of where thing flow, but will have separate timelines for stuff like the shows (since The Clone Wars is not in the correct order).

I consider The Phantom Menace the starting point, so it’s listed as Year 0; at this point, there is nothing in canon before this point (but I cross my fingers that it’ll happen someday).

And one last note: I didn’t include video games and kid books; some of the junior readers are included if they didn’t recap other material.

Unknown at this time – Films:

  • Han Solo Anthology: estimated between 21 and 26, but no details will be known until closer to the release of the film.
  • Episode VIII: The Last Jedi: it’s estimated to take place right after The Force Awakens (Year 66).
  • Episode IX: no timeline has been released for this film; I’m guessing it’ll be within 5 years of Episode VIII.
  • Untitled Anthology: no word yet as to time or content.

Unknown at this time – Comics:

  • Star Wars 26-29 hypothetically take place before Episode I. The Darth Maul comic is expected to take place right after them. Both would be considered year 0.
  • Doctor Aphra takes place after Darth Vader finishes (32), but the exact timing hasn’t been explained. The Lando and Han Solo comics are in the same timeframe as well.

Unknown at this time – Novels:

  • Thrawn is expected to take place between Tarkin (18) and A New Dawn (21), but could go alway up to Rebels Season 3 (29).

Unknown at this time – Short Stories:

  • Bottleneck takes place somewhere between Tarkin (18) and A New Dawn (21).
  • Last Call at the Zero Angle is in the same timeframe as the Doctor Aphra, Lando, and Han Solo comics (32-33).
  • Scorched takes place between the Battle of Jakku (36) and Bloodline (60).
  • The Perfect Weapon, High Noon on Jakku, All Creatures Great and Small, The Faces of Evil, True Love, and Bait all happen around Year 63.

Other notes:

  • The 2 most recent movies have novel and comic adaptations that are considered canon; I believe the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy novelizations are considered legends now.
  • The Clone Wars Cartoon is out of order. You can find the proper order here.
  • All of the comic books from the Rebels cartoon time are from the Rebels Magazine.
  • A majority of the short stories are collected in digital format or are in Star Wars Insider Magazine. The collected edition of Tarkin and A New Dawn (The Rise of the Empire) includes Mercy Mission, Bottle Neck, and The Levers of Power.
  • The Star Wars and Kanan comics jump around a little bit. Star Wars features stories of the Rebellion, but had flash back stories of Obi-Wan (21 and 22) and is starting a Yoda story (0). Kanan shows flashbacks of Kanan as a padawan (13 and 14) while also dealing with missions in the story’s current day.
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