The Nyrdcast Podcast Episode 19: Knuckle Poop

Part of the crew is here after a short hiatus (which will be explained in the near future).

We start of with talk of what the appeal is of the character Deadpool, how he breaks the fourth wall, and some of the news from his movie.  Check out the Deadpool Halloween video.

We then shift to Mizzou and the issues they’ve had this season.  It starts with QB Matty Mauk being suspended twice, coach Gary Pinkel’s recent cancer announcement, and the racial problems across campus.

The school talk then shifts to elementary school, where we discuss a suspension in Ohio.  The story makes us talk about the over-sensitivity of our culture.

We then discuss some etiquette.  First we get into a driving scenario, which leads to complaints about other drivers in general.  We finish with a bathroom etiquette scenario that’s pretty unique (and a little disgusting).

We close out by talking about some movies we’ve seen recently.

The music is courtesy of the Urge; we used their track Violent Opposition to celebrate their 20th anniversary of Receiving the Gift of Flavor.  You can find them at their website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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