The Nyrdcast Podcast Episode 10: Will It Fit?

Episode 10 has everyone again and look at a bunch of movie reviews.

We looked at Creep, It Follows, Tusk, Purge: Anarchy, Foxcatcher, When the Game Stands Tall, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Happy Valley, Piranha Double D, and Teeth.

We also talk about the early reviews of Fantastic Four and the issues that were faced, both movies titled the Gift, Chris Pine joining Wonder Woman, a potential Thunderbolts Netflix series, Ben Affleck taking on a Batman Trilogy and another Beetlejuice.

We tease discussions around why Jedi are not considered super-heroes and if bands from our youth could sustain themselves now.

The unofficial beer sponsor is 4 Hands Brewing again, along with Lagunitas; we drank 4 Hands Super Flare and Lagunitas Sucks.

The music is brought to you by One Hour Motel; the track is titled “Nude Ventrioloquist,” which has a clip in the opening and the full track at the end of the episode.  You can find them on Facebook

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