Movie Review: Creep

During our last podcast recording session Joe Dust had provided a recommendation from Netflix for a movie called “Creep”. Never one to shy away from a horror movie I took the recommendation and ran with it. The movie is indie in every sense. Small budget, 2 actors but very well shot. I’m typically not a fan of the “found footage” genre, but with this movie it worked because of the plot and directors steady hand. Since the popularization of the found footage with “Blair Witch”, I’ve been apprehensive that this type of movie will feel like a shaky amusement park ride. Not an issue with this movie. And what truly sets this apart from your typical horror or thriller are the characters. Right off the bat you’re invested in the character of Aaron because anybody can relate to a guy needing a job and taking what they can get. Even more so I was immediately invested in Josef’s character because bluntly, you feel sad for a the guy because it’s revealed right away he’s terminally ill. And then the psychological thrill ride takes off. My only exposure to Mark Duplass was through “The League”. And honestly, his character Pete just reminded me a lot of Jim from “The Office”. Duplass turned a complete 180 from his known character and shows a whole other side of his acting ability. Even more impressive was the fact that the movie was barely scripted – the two actors worked from a basic outline and improved the rest. They play into our fear that what we are watching, could in all reality actually happen to any of us. I’ll never think of peachfuzz or tubbies the same ever again. It’s the type of movie that sticks with you for a few days. I highly recommend viewing and as Federal Wildlife Marshall Willenholly would say, “it’s creeptastic!”


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