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Link Roundup: Video Games, Fantasy Tweets, Project Comic Con, Jessica Jones

Old versus new games. Fantasy with a Twitter twist. The other St. Louis Comic Con. Jessica Jones has been announced.

Old vs New Games
I am far from a gamer – either card or video. I’ve beat probably 1 video game in my whole life. I did play a lot of the early systems though.

Liberty Games is running a feature about Old Games Vs New; they compare the original game in a series and compare it ot the most recent one.

Super Mario Bros, Tetris, Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter (well, SF 2), and Mortal Kombat were all regularly played, and it’s interesting to see how they’ve changed.

A Bad Fantasy
The nerd in all of us love sci fi/fantasy stories – Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, the Avengers. Well, Locker Dome has 16 good tweets from Awful Fantasy, a spoof Twitter feed creating bad fantasy out of established stories and characters. WARNING: The image in the article is probably NSFW.

I was cracking up reading these. The best might have been 50 Cubes of Minecraft or the Batbat.

St. Louis Project Comic Con

Jessica Jones is Coming
Nerdist is reporting that Jessica Jones, Marvel’s second Netflix series, will be debuting before the end of the year. The series has been taping for a little bit now.

The plan is to have the 4 series – Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist – all have at least 1 season before they combined for the Defenders series. There are also rumblings that 2 series will come out per year; I don’t know if that means new series, or just season (so Daredevil and Luke Cage next year, or Daredevil is excluded since it’ll be season 2).

Song of the Day
Just because I finally bought my Taking Back Sunday tickets:

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