Review: Boulevard Irish Ale

My grocery store started carrying this Boulevard product for the first time, and I’m a sucker for Reds.

Beer: Boulevard Irish Ale
Brewery: Boulevard Brewing Company
Style: Irish Red Ale
ABV: 5.80%

The beer poured a dark amber, almost cooper, color. There was a good inch of head that quickly receded. It left a good amount of lacing after every drink.

The smell is pretty simple, but balanced. There are sweet aromas – toffee or caramel – along with grainy malts. There is also a hint of spices.

The sweet, caramel malts are very noticeable when drinking. You also get mild hops once you get past the malt. The taste is dry, but it works very well.

The finish is pretty dry as well, but the medium body leaves you filled. You can definitely get the mild bitter hops taste in the finish.

Appearance: 21 of 25
Aroma: 22 of 25
Taste: 22 of 25
Finish: 21 of 25
Total: 86 of 100, B

This is a very good Red. It’ll move up with Killians as a regular rotation for the style.

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