Recapping the Previews of NYCC

This past weekend was New York Comic Con, the second biggest convention in the United States. As with San Diego, more and more media is invading the Con and releasing teasers, previews, and sneak peaks. Below are the clips released.

Feature Films
Justice League

I still am weary of this film. Sure, Joss Whedon has lightened up the movie, but having a ton of changes at the last minute by someone with a different voice could make for convoluted movie. The trailer shows a little more than we’ve already seen, including Superman, but none of it is any more interesting than what we’ve already seen.

Pacific Rim Uprising

I never saw the first one so I’m kind of indifferent on this one. It seems like something that could be interesting.


This might be the movie win. I hadn’t seen anything about this one before this was released. It takes all of the typical Sci-Fi topics and merges them into an intriguing story.

Network/Cable TV
The Walking Dead S8 – AMC: Sneak Peek

I pretty much stopped watching the show a season and a half ago. I want to get back into it and having Negan on the show is the driving force. This clip really tells me nothing but it’s intense, something I felt the show was missing.

X-Files S11 – Fox

Not an X-Files fan, so this really isn’t appealing to me. I never really heard what people thought about the revival so I have no sense in if others wanted this.

Streaming: Amazon
The Man in the High Castle S3 – Amazon: Sneak Peek

I’ve never used Amazon for their shows, but this might be the first one I’d watch. Based off the Philip K. Dick revisionist history story, the third season deals with the multiverse, something that could break the show if not done well.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams – Amazon

Amazon appears to be the PKD channel. This is an anthology series dealing with many of PKD’s stories. Having read a bunch of them, I’m looking forward to finding out which ones they adapt.

The Tick – Amazon (2nd half of first season)

Amazon released a preview of the second half of this current season of the Tick. It’s definitely a show I’d be interested in if I used Amazon, but it might be down on the priority list. I really don’t know what happened prior to this, but it looks interesting.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan – Amazon

I say pass. We’ve seen so many versions of this character before and this one doesn’t stand out. The show looks bland, especially compared to the other Amazon clips shown.

Streaming: Hulu
Castle Rock – Hulu

Pass. An anthology Stephen King series sounds good, but there hasn’t been much success translating King from page to screen. Nothing seems interesting in the footage.

Future Man – Hulu

This looks really fun. I was onboard with getting Hulu for the next preview, but this adds to it. I read the description and thought that this was the Last Starfighter, and was sold when it was mentioned in the preview.

Marvel’s Runaways – Hulu

Sold. I’m a huge fan of Brian K. Vaughn’s Runaway runs (not so much after he left), so getting to see the kids on screen and looking fairly accurate is a thrill. I’m curious to hear about Molly and her powers since Mutants aren’t part of the MCU; of course we don’t know if this is technically part of the MCU though.

Shut Eye S2 – Hulu

No clue in what this is and it looked confusing. I should probably look into the first season to understand it.

Netflix is notably missing, but they were planning on showing the Punisher preview during the Con; they declined after the tragedy in Las Vegas the weekend before. I’m sure we’ll see the preview in the near future with less fanfare than at the Con.

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