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A look at what beer if coming to St. Louis, my debut on the UCB Podcast, and we’re doing stuff here.

New Beer in STL
Each week, Saint Brewis releases the newest beer coming to St. Louis. Last week, it was Dogfish Head (which has gotten a good amount of money from me. This week has KBS from Founders, the Waldos’ from Lagunitas, and Old Fashioned Lemonade IPA from Evil Twins. Those all sound amazing.

Contact High from 4 Hands and Stateside Saison from Stillwater are back on the market and I highly recommend both.

The one I really want to try is Thick Mint from Southern Tier; it’s an Imperial Stout based off the Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies.

Podcast from the UCB
I’ve been a member of the United Cardinal Bloggers for years and I’m finally giving back. Earlier this morning, I hosted the UCB Podcast. We talked the extensions of Yadier Molina and Stephen Piscotty and the first series of the season. Unfortunately, we ran out of time before looking at the weekend series.

Podcast from Nyrdcast
The newest Nyrdcast Podcast dropped today. It’s the first of 2 about the summer movie schedule. Hopefully we’ll be back talking live. Until then, we’ll have part 2 next week and might do another Skype episode.

More Self Promotion
I looked at some Under the Radar Cardinal stats. I’m adding stuff around homers, GIDPs, and left on base. It’s updated daily based off the previous game’s numbers.

I also still have my free book available. It says preview, but it’s a good scouting source for the upcoming season.

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