Beer Review: Falls City Hipster Repellent

I recently came across Fall City Beer’s Hipster Repellent IPA; I had to get it for the name alone. Did it live up to my expectations?

Style: American IPA
ABV: 6.30%
Offering: 6 pack of 12 oz bottles

Hipster RepellentAppearance: It poured a orangish copper color with a good fingers worth of white, foamy head. There was little retention and little lacing.

Smell: The grapefruit is the biggest smell, with some other citrus and hops coming through. It’s a pretty basic IPA smell with a little extra grapefruit.

Taste: The taste is similar to the smell. The grapefruit really stood out in an otherwise balanced taste. The hops are definitely prevalent, but they aren’t overwhelming like other IPAs.

Mouth: A medium body which is smooth and is perfectly carbonated. It’s got a clean finish that doesn’t have the bitter IPA taste.

Overall: It’s a solid beer; I’d say it’s closer to an American Pale Ale than an IPA. I like hops, and this was definitely more mild than an IPA should be. If it were a little hoppier, it’d be one of the better IPAs on the market.

The Beer Advocate score is 84 Good; it didn’t have a score from the Bros. Untapped had a score of 3.59 in 6,229 ratings.

Score: 4.25 out of 5 – it lost a little bit due to being more of an APA than an IPA.

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