Halloween Links: Horror Movies, Horror Beers, Horror Comics

A look at scary movies, halloween beers, horror comics, and a rockin’ song.

The Scaries Movie of All Time
Inside Pulse was looking at criteria of what makes the scariest movies. They came up with The Conjuring, the Blair Witch Project, and The Ring as the 3 scariest movies of all time.

They used 15 points of criteria, but I can’t agree with their final results. I didn’t think Blair Witch was scary at all. I’d put Paranormal Activity over it for sure. I haven’t see the other two; this would be more along the lines of Toner or Matt to talk about though.

Halloween Beers to Try
The New School ranks the 13 best horror, fantasy, and sci-fi based beers in an interesting list. I didn’t think ahead of time that I hadn’t had many, but I was surprised.

I’ve had Gratzer, Nosferatu, and Zombie Dust. I want a lot more for the bottles – I’d seen the Walking Dead IPA and Rogue Hellboy, but Dawn of the Red, Evil Dead Red, and Undead Party Crasher are new to me.

They didn’t have Estes Park’s Redrum Ale listed though (Estes Park features the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write The Shining).

Modern Horror Comics
Finally, 411 Mania looks at the top 8 modern horror comics. This is a really good list, even with The Walking Dead being #2.

I’m a little bummed to see 30 Days of Night as an honorable mention. The original series was really good and I’d consider it part of the list; I probably would not mention the follow up series, since I don’t think they live up to the original.

Song of the Day
You probably thought I was going to go with Thriller; that’s too logical of a choice. Instead, here is Ludo’s Save Our City, a song about the zombie apocalypse:

Ludo is a St. Louis “pop punk” band that has a few good, horror/sci-fi based songs. Their EP Broken Bride was a concept album dealing with time travel, and Save Our City was from that.

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