The Nyrdcast Podcast Episode 14: The Pakistani Drillpress

Welcome back to Episode 12.

We start with reliving our best drinking stories, including the WWE, cleaning cars, the machine, air travel, and a man hunt.

We then move to director George Miller; we look at his resume and talk about the plans for Man of Steel 2. We shift to his failed Justice League Movie and why DC can integrate TV with Film.

On to Marvel, where we discuss the Blade Reboot and thoughts on the previous trilogy. We then move onto some characters that would fit with the Netflix “street level” heroes.

We then look at the cinematic work of Wes Craven, who recently passed away.

We look at a few recent movies we all watched: TMNT, RoboCop, Insurgent, and the Kingsmen.

We close out with the strangest things to happen to us, including one that happened on the way to recording, and an Urban Dictionary quiz that wasn’t as funny as we’d thought it would be. And Toner struggles to finish, like normal.

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