Deadpool Trailer Lands and is Broken Down

Here is the moment that all Deadpool fans have been waiting for…the actual trailer (this is the Red Band Trailer, so NSFW).

Empire Online breaks down the trailer and they have some great insight from Director Tim Miller. Here are a few interesting points with SPOILERS:

  • While Deadpool will break the fourth wall, Wade Wilson will not. There might be a scene where talks about the script and rips on Green Latern (more than what they’ve shown in the trailer).
  • Deadpool’s highway battle is named the 12 Bullet Battle, since he only has 12 bullets on him. Explains why he shoots 3 guys with one bullet.
  • Weasel sounds like he could steal the movie; his clips are hilarious.
  • Daniel Cudmore was offered the role of Colossus and passed; Miller did want a taller actor and told him the role would be CG.
  • Garrison Kane (Weapon X during the beginning of X-Force comics) was going to be Colossus’ partner, but the effects were going to be too much; they also considered Cannonball before deciding on Negasonic Teenage Warhead.
  • Cable is mentioned for the sequel and is not in the movie.
  • Deadpool creator Rob Liefield will make a cameo that almost showed up at Comic Con; Stan Lee’s cameo did make that cut.

Deadpool comes out next February.

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