Suicide Squad Theory: Who is the Joker?

I’m not a huge Reddit person, but I got sucked into a Suicide Squad thread. User Jason-G169 has an interesting theory: The Joker is actually Jason Todd.

Here are the clues that made him believe that.

  • The Batman V Superman preview had a newspaper with “You let your family die” written across it.
  • The preview also had a memorial to Robin with “The joke’s on you Batman” written across it.
  • The tattoo’s on Joker all could be tied to the former Robin

They get into some crazy details in the post. Go read it.

If you think about what they say, it does explain alot. This Joker seems different than ones we’re used to. First off, the tattoos; most loyalists have griped about them quite a bit. After reading the post, they do make a little sense. This isn’t the Joker we know; this is a more deranged character.

Secondly, if they stick to the Ra’s al Ghul story, regenerating in the Lazarus Pit can make a person go insane. This Joker would appear to fit with that idea.

I’d buy into the movie a lot more if this were true.

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