Leaked Trailers: Deadpool, X-Men, Suicide Squad, Batman V Superman

It was busy weekend for Comic Con goers, especially as far as Movie Trailers went. We got first looks at Deadpool, X-Men: Apocalypse, and Suicide Squad, along with a longer trailer of Batman V Superman.

See this was the highlight of my weekend. The trailer has foul language, violence, breaking the 3rd wall, and pokes at Green Lantern.

Granted, a lot of the footage was of the leaked test shots from last year, but there was also new footage. Seeing a full sized Colossus was awesome. Deadpool’s reaction to Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s name was classic.

I didn’t touch myself after watching it, but I came close.

X-Men: Apocalypse
The new X-Men movie had the trailer leaked from Comic Con over the weekend. We learn a few things from the bootleg copy.

First off, Storm looks like one of the Horsemen. She’s there with Apocalypse, Archangel, Magneto, and someone else (maybe Psylocke); check 1:57 on the video. That’s an interesting way to introduce the character.

Secondly, Mystique and Quicksilver are aligned with the X-Men. We also see early in the preview that Jean Grey is as well. Cyclops is one of the question marks right now, as he could be a piece that the 2 sides are battling over. If they incorporate Mr. Sinister, that would make a lot of sense.

Finally, we get our first glimpse at Apocalypse. While he doesn’t look exactly like the comic, the version of film looks pretty sharp. Granted, most of the scenes with him are dark and the filming makes it hard to see.

Suicide Squad
I’ve been a little skeptical of this movie. It took Marvel a few movies to go outside the box, but DC is jumping right into it. Sure, having Will Smith as a lead will help. And using a popular character like Harley Quinn is the right move to get comic fans.

The preview lived up to the hype. Ending it with Jared Leto’s Joker fit it well; he could steal the show based off what little we’ve seen of him (horrible look and all).

We don’t get a good feel of any of the characters though; I don’t know if it was the poor filming of the preview or just the fact that they didn’t focus on anyone on the team. Granted, this is the first moving pictures of the film, so we will be getting a lot more information as the film gets closer to release.

Batman V Superman
The granddaddy of the previews. Not only was it released, but in a good quality too.

This was the best preview we’ve seen. There wasn’t much set up in the previous one. Now we know why Batman doesn’t like Superman, what the general public is thinking, and that no one cares about Clark Kent taking on the Batman.

We get glimpses of Wonder Woman, but don’t know much about her. We also haven’t seen any of the other confirmed or rumored heroes.

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