Review: Asher Brewing

Down the street from Avery Brewing in Boulder, Colorado is the smaller Asher Brewing. The brewery is in a smaller strip, but is easy to find as they have seating out front. The brewery is 100% organic, from ingredients to operating on wind power.

They do have free tours, but this was an impromptu stop. The inside of the brewery looked nice; you could see in the back to where the beer is made. It looked like a pretty standard operation.

The tap room had all 5 beers on tap in pints and half pints. They also had options to go; I walked away with a 4 pack of Tree Hugger Organic Amber cans. Unfortunately, they didn’t have their IPA (Green Bullet) available in cans when I visited. I considered getting a growler, but stuck with the cans. For those in Boulder, you can also buy pony and full kegs.

The staff was just OK. The bartender seemed a little put off that I asked for IPA when it wasn’t out front; she did go look in the back to see if there was any, but I definitely felt like I was an inconvenience to her. The optimist in me believes that it was just a bad day for her.

I didn’t stay to eat; I didn’t even look to see if they had a menu (it appears they don’t though). Their website does say that they have food trucks come by 3 times a week.

The tap room seemed like a nice spot to sit back, drink a beer, and enjoy the nice Colorado weather. I won’t give a score on the brewery, since I didn’t get a tour; I would go back if I have more time in Boulder.

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