Link Roundup: Secret Wars, Walking Dead, Adaptations, and Some Music

Secret Wars in a Nutshell
Alright comic fans, Comics Nexus (aka Inside Pulse Comics) gives you a weekly rundown of the Secret Wars books. They review each tie in issue, and give you some of the supporting information, like region, quotes, and fun information. I’ll be reviewing more of them in a few weeks (damn vacation getting in the way of comic reading).

The Walking Dead
Clip’d lists 11 things Walking Dead fans want to see in season 6. They mention the Grimes’ potential relationships, which I don’t care much about, nor what happens to Gabriel (please die). The Wolves are the biggest draw for me; are they Negan’s people?

No Toner, Carl dying is not listed.

Other Comic Adaptation New
I’m looking outside of the superhero genre. Joseph Gordon Levitt recently gave some updates on his adaptation of the Sandman. Personally, I think this would work better as a TV series; there is too much for a 2-hour movie. They also need to be careful, because if they stray too far from the source material, there will be riots. The Sandman is embraced by comic and non-comic fans.

Another fan favorite being made is the Preacher. Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg are working on the show, which is the first red flag; the duo directed “This is the End” and “The Interview”, and neither was all that good. On the plus side is Sam Caitlin (“Breaking Bad”) is the show runner. The show will be on AMC, which limits some of what they could do; this should be on a premium channel. Rogan recently tweeted a picture of Custer’s preacher collar and collar tips. Not much to get excited about here.

Shimmy Shimmy Ya
I love those Muppet/Music mash ups. We’ve seen Queen and the Beastie Boys; now we have Dr. Teeth doing his Ol’ Dirty Bastard impersonation. Bring on the new Muppet Show.

Frog Pitcher Makes Debut?
I talked about Pat Venditte yesterday, and he’s back again. Not from his own doing though. SB Nation points out why copy editors are still needed in the newspaper business. Venditte has moved from ambidextrous to amphibious.

Song of the Day:
Thrice may not have done anything in the last few years, but frontman Dustin Kensrue performed this gem the other night at a solo show. He also noted that Thrice hasn’t broken up but are on a hiatus; could we see new music in the future? Let’s hope so.

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