Link Roundup: Sam Adams, Pixar, the Tithe

The Boston Beer Company could lose craft status. Pixar Rankings. A look at the comic the Tithe. Plus Young the Giant in fur coats.

Is Samuel Adams a Craft Brewery
Time Magazine is reporting that the U.S. Government might be stepping in to determine if small breweries quality as “craft” breweries. This could be bad news for the Boston Beer Company, aka Samuel Adams. Craft Breweries are determined by the amount of beer they produce per year; Samuel Adams is at the upper end of that.

I haven’t considered Sam Adams a craft brewery in a while; the amount of different beers they produce is ridiculous and dwarfs what most craft breweries produce. If you can go to a store and decide between 10 different beers they put out, I don’t consider you a craft brewery.

Nothing against them and their beer; they are one of the biggest breweries on my beer list.

Ranking Pixar
Every time a new Pixar movie is released, some kind of ranking comes out. I’m guilty of it too; we were doing it in the car on the way home from our recent vacation. Geek Dad polled 21 dads to get a concensus on the best one.

It’s a pretty good list, although I might disagree about some of the placement. They also didn’t include Planes, which is Disney Animation and not Pixar, so points there.

My top 5: Toy Story, Up, The Incredibles, Toy Story 2, Wall-E. Bottom: Agree with Cars 2.

Comic Tithing
Tithing in religion can be a polarizing topic, and Top Cow Comics has a take on it. Inside Pulse recommends the title based off the first 3 issues.

The book has me intrigued. I’ve grown up in the church and tithing is something that causes cringing. The comic deals with a dirty church and a group to set them straight; sounds like something we’d see on the news.

I’ll be picking up the series to see if it lives up to the hype.

Song of the Day
The A.V. Club has their own YouTube channel, and one of the fun parts of it is their Undercover Series, where groups come in and perform a song off a list. Once a song is taken, another band can’t cover it. Young the Giant picked R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)”. The fur coats make it:

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